The Cross River Rail Experience Centre offers excursion opportunities and unlocks an education opportunity for Queensland School students with interactive, digital visualisation technologies, STEAM and HASS learning resources, cultural heritage content, project progress information, and geological artefacts.

Archaeology & history

These activities will help students to dig deep into Brisbane’s history and explore what life used to be like over 100 years ago.

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City transformation & transport planning

Learn about the process that goes into a city-shaping project like Cross River Rail, from initial business case to project delivery.

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The science of tunnelling

Through these activities we’ll explore some of the facets of tunnelling and learn how a mega-project like Cross River Rail gets underground.

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There are many specialist disciplines, from all over the world, that come together to bring a mega-project to life. Cross River Rail can work with educators to craft a bespoke learning opportunity for your cohort.

Work with us to create a learning opportunity like no other.


A specialist involved in the construction of Cross River Rail can make a guest appearance at a school to discuss career pathways, or guest lecture on a specialist topic.

Please note: Special incursion opportunities are at the discretion and availability of specialists. Consultation with Cross River Rail’s education team is required


Are you ready to travel? Cross River Rail’s Future traveller program has been designed to provide hands-on, minds-on interactive learning experiences that based on the Australian Curriculum. Students can investigate how a city works, how people travelled in the past, currently travel and how they will move in the future.

The passport program is a generalist inquiry-based program offering a range of interactive challenges allowing students to work in groups, or individually applying the context of Cross River Rail to topics such as mathematics, history, archaeology, engineering, economics, cultural history and physics


The Cross River Rail Education Program reflects the Australian Curriculum by encompassing a range of curriculum-related activities and challenges in an immersive and engaging environment. You can put a twist on your students’ current unit of study with this curriculum based excursion allowing students to take part in a self-guided tour or be taken on a guided journey by the experienced Cross River Rail staff. A variety of educational activities are available at the Centre and can provide anywhere from 90 minutes up to five hours of structured learning for school groups of up to 60 students.

On top of the education program, throughout the year students will be able to engage with Cross River Rail experts for authentic learning experiences, attend special workshops, exhibits and events.

Online Activities

Archaeologists have uncovered glass bottles, ceramics and animal bones during construction of Cross River Rail.
We are after your observations and artistic genius in decorating some of the artefacts that have been discovered at our Woolloongabba site.

It could be a little tricky, as you will have to assemble one particular item. What could you store in this artefact to create your own piece of history?

We’d love to see your decorated artefacts, please share your efforts with us at education@crrda.org.au.

Have you ever thought about why we have toys or the materials they were made from in the past? How have toys changed over time?

This series of workshops allows you to follow the toy making process from start to finish, looking at toys that were popular for Queensland children during the early 1900s.

The twist is, you will have to think wisely and try to make your toys from reused materials!

We’d love to see your design, please share with us at education@crrda.org.au.

Put your graphic designer hat on and use the free online modelling software, TinkerCAD to create a 3D insert for your very own, personally designed key tag.

Should you accept the challenge, you’ll need to carefully think about the design constraints including the dimensions of the tag. And if you have access to a 3D printer, why not print it out.

Get ready to problem-solve, be creative and build up….one layer at a time!

We’d love to see your design, please share with us at education@crrda.org.au.

Become an urban planner and design the new Albert Street precinct.

From streets, transport, trees and buildings of different shapes and scale, how will you bring your city to life?

Download and print the ‘The City of Tomorrow’ play mat. Snap together some bricks and build your city of the future!

We’d love to see your design, please share with us ateducation@crrda.org.au.

We’re getting ready for the arrival of the Tunnel Boring Machines (TBM) that will help build the twin tunnels under the Brisbane River and CBD.

This is your chance to be creative! Download and print the ‘Augmented Reality colouring in’ sheet. Choose colours and design your very own artwork for the TBM.

Don’t forget to download the Weaver App to your smart phone or tablet. Then scan the whole page with your device to bring the TBM to life!

We’d love to see your design, please share with us at education@crrda.org.au.

Become a street artist for the day and recreate one of the murals from the Albert Street Outdoor Art Gallery.

Take your pick from one of the outlines below.

Don’t forget to check your masterpiece against the original version!

We’d love to see your colourful creation, so please share with us at education@crrda.org.au.

Calling all filmmakers out there! Cross River Rail is after you to make your directorial debut and create a Stop Motion Animation.

Your theme, should you choose to accept it is…Archaeology!
You can use all kinds of things from home or school including clay, plasticine or your old toys and flat materials including paper, fabrics, photographs or your own drawings.

You might even call on your family and friends to star in leading roles. Let your imagination and creativity soar!

Please share your efforts with us at education@crrda.org.au.

Looking for inspiration? Why not check out what one of our team members created in their spare time.

There’s a mystery construction vehicle hiding in the numbers! Can you find it and let our Cross River Rail workers know which one it is?

Practice counting by following the numbers from 1 to 33 in numerical order on this connect-the-dots colouring page to reveal the hidden vehicle.

Don’t forget to colour in the workers and remaining vehicles which are helping to build one of Cross River Rail’s underground station.

We’d love to see your efforts, please share with us at education@crrda.org.au.

Can you crack the code to help our archaeologist uncover bones and artefacts? Using MakeCode Arcade (free) as the coding platform, you will be guided on how to make your very own retro arcade style video game.

There are five tutorial videos to help in your quest and after watching the videos, you can then complete the worksheets. Each episode will add a new feature to your game including sprites, loops, sound and additional levels. All that’s left to do is…dig deep!

We’d love to see your game, please share with us at education@crrda.org.au.

You can download the worksheets below:

Grab your hard hat, put it on and come and join Cross River Rail’s construction crew.

You need to carefully copy and colour-in all the coordinates on the grid to find the hidden heavy machines that are helping to deliver four new underground stations.

There’s also a clue that will help you identify these machines…good luck and get pixelling!

We’d love to see your efforts, please share with us at education@crrda.org.au.

Once you’ve completed the puzzles, you can check your answers using the documents below:

Visit our dedicated pages to find out how the Education Program supports teachers and students:

For any other enquiries, please contact us at education@crrda.org.au