Visual Arts

To honour the significance of the artworks that will adorn the wall of the four new underground stations, the Cross RIver Rail Education Program includes activites that align with the curriculum for students from early childhood to middle secondary/

The artworks, by 13 of Queensland’s most renowned indigenous artists, creat a colaboration of the state’s cultural aheirtage not seen anywhere else.

The art was selected by highly regarded curator Barbara Flynn and a panel of indigenous art experts, and included consultation with Turrbal and Jagera representatives.

Activites in the education program incorporate exploration of the diverse visual arts practices as well as opportunities to reflect and respond.

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Crazy CrittersEarly childhood and lower primary60 minsStudents go on a treasure hunt to find the crazy critters hidden in one of the station artworks and create a collage of crazy critters.
Bountiful BloomsEarly childhood and lower primary60 minsImagine all the artworks in the world that feature nature. Many of our station artworks have flowers – some are sculpted, some are printed and some are collaged. Explore the ideas and emotions one artist is expressing through flowers and create and artwork with collage.
Line of RoosLower to middle primary60 minsThrough storytelling and art, join a mob of kangaroos as they tackle challenges. Explore how colour and scale can be used in artworks to convey feelings and tell stories, then use this newfound knowledge to create a mob collage.
Prints and PatternsMiddle to upper primary60 minsThe cycles of nature are all around us, and are captured by artists in many different ways. Hone observation skills to look for symbols of nature (and even some cartoon characters) hidden in the patterns of two of our station artworks. Then create an artwork incorporating patterns and maybe hide some images in it for others to find.
My PlaceMiddle to upper primary60 minsFrom the miniscule to the vast, compare two artworks that reflect special places. Explore the similarities and differencve in use of colour, scale and perspective, then use these observations to create an artwork of a special place.
Changing placesLower secondary60 minsChange is constant. STudy three artworks that are responses to changes in places meaningful to the artists, creating opportunities for dialouge and reflection. With a focus on colour, text and typography, create an artwork that reflects your response to a changing place.
Shields as SymbolsMiddle secondary60 minsThrough a study of three diverse artworks that each incoporates shields as symbols and the messages they convey, consider a personal symbol that represents a time of challenge or learning.

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