As a significant infrastructure project in an urban setting, Cross River Rail offers exciting opportunities for students to see first-hand the changing environment and to engage with a contemporary archaeological investigation.

Throughout the project, Cross River Rail has been working closely with a team of archaeologists to better understand Brisbane’s history and to explore what life was like over 100 years ago. So far on the Cross River Rail project, we have conducted archaeological digs at Boggo Road, Woolloongabba, Albert Street, and Victoria Park, uncovering evidence of early Brisbane’s international trade, local business and Chinese settlement. Our education program incorporates these finds into engaging activities to bring history to life.

There are two key groupings of archaeological investigation for Cross River Rail: Indigenous and non-Indigenous investigations. The learning activities we currently offer at the Experience Centre focus on non-Indigenous history and archaeological investigation.

The education program also includes collaborative activities to enhance students’ geographical knowledge of Brisbane, and provides ample opportunities to consider geographical concepts including place, interconnections and sustainability.


1819 Welcome DanceDeep time3 to 125 minsIn collaboration with Bilbie Labs, we have brought Virtual Maiwar to life. In our Reality Theatre, explore this virtual world where we can pay respect to the stories, traditions, and customs of Brisbane’s Traditional Owners.
Time HopHistory3 to 1215 minsTime Hop through Brisbane’s past in our Reality Theatre and examine the changing city and its transport network.
Intro to ArchaeologyArchaeology5 to 930 minsUnlock Brisbane’s hidden past through a presentation by one of Cross River Rail’s
subject matter experts.
Future Traveller PassportTransport5 to 930 minsInvestigate how people travelled in the past, how we currently travel, and how we will move in the future.
Archaeology Field BookArchaeology5 to 830 minsChallenge yourself as a budding archaeologist by finding answers to questions about the Cross River Rail archaeology.

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