Teachers Academy

Program Description

The Cross River Rail Teachers Academy has been designed as an opportunity for primary and high school educators to work with the BOP and Cross River Rail team to reimagine their units of work, student challenges, and classroom resources with a localised industry focus.

As a critical public transport infrastructure project, the Cross River Rail project is helping improve our quality of life, helping our economy grow, generating thousands of jobs, and activating urban development in the region. With this, the project has strong links to both primary and high school curriculum, particularly in the following areas:

  • Design And Technologies (Grades 5-10)
  • Digital Technologies (Grades 7-8)
  • HASS (Years 5-7)
  • HASS (Years 5-7)
  • Geography (Grades 7-8)

Over the course of the Teachers Academy program, we will be working with you to identify links between your curriculum and project, and we’ll be working with you to create new case studies, activities and real world challenges to take back to your classrooms.

Along the journey of developing these resources, you will also be hearing from members of the Cross River Rail team to provide valuable insights into the work they are leading, as well as exploring some of resources the Cross River Rail already has available such as virtual reality experiences, a 180-degree theater and more.