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Cross River Rail Innovation Challenge

Thursday, 21 July 2022
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3:30 pm - 4:30 pm
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The Cross River Rail Innovation Challenge will provide students and teachers with the opportunity to learn more about programming, robotics and automation while giving teachers the perfect opportunity to showcase a real-world example of where engineers and scientists utilise their foundational STEM and innovation skills on a meaningful and impactful project.

Teachers will be invited to participate in a kick-off Professional Development session to introduce the program as well as being provided 10 weeks of content leading up to the final event. This will give teachers the tools and links to show how integrating programming, robotics and automation into the current Australian Curriculum can be managed.

For students, the program will provide participants with an inspiring project and place to study. The workshop challenge will enable students to connect their learning to real-life examples of how sensors, automation, programming, and robotics are being used by the largest machines tunnelling right below them.

Through the program, schools register their interest or will be invited to participate in a series of challenges using the Micromelon Robot Simulator, culminating in a final event at the Cross River Rail Experience Centre where each school group demonstrates their problem-solving skills.

The dates of the program are below:

  • Session 1, 21 July: Onboarding Professional Development Session at the Experience Centre
  • Session 2, 25 July: Weekly content delivery commencement
  • Session 3, 22 August: Virtual Q&A session #1
  • Session 4, 10 October: Virtual Q&A session #2
  • Session 5, 31 October: Solution Demonstration Day at the Experience Centre

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