After Dark Online

Cross River Rail’s After Dark Online is a monthly education and discovery series based around real-life learnings relating to Queensland’s largest infrastructure project.

With a new theme and topic each month, the After Dark Online education series features Subject Matter Experts talking about the topic and how it aligns with the project.

You can watch the playbacks of our previous After Dark Online webinar sessions in our video library below. As we do more of these events in the future, the playbacks will also be made available here.

You can watch the live streams on the dedicated page.

April 2022- Innovation

In April we celebrate World Creativity and Innovation Day, so this month we will be covering the topic of innovation and will hear from guest speaker Lead Innovation Officer, Russell Vine on how innovation is shaping the world we live in and how it plays a role in big projects like Cross River Rail.


This May we will be celebrating National Archaeology Week by covering the topic of Archaeology and hearing from two guest speakers, Everick Foundation’s Principal Research Archaeologist, Dr Serena Love and University of Queensland’s School of Social Science PhD Candidate, Marc Cheesman. They will be discussing the role archaeology plays in Australia and what we are uncovering about our past, as well as its relevance to big projects like Cross River Rail.

June 2022 – sustainability

This June we will be celebrating World Environment Day on the 5th of June by covering the topic of Sustainability and hearing from two guest speakers, CPB’s Sustainability Manager, Glenn Hedges, and Cross River Rail’s Environmental and Approvals Coordinator, Andrew Skele. They will be discussing environmental management on major projects and real-life learnings and examples from the Cross River Rail project.

July 2022 – Cultural Heritage

In July we cover the topic of cultural heritage hearing from guest speaker, Cross River Rail Environmental and Approvals Executive Director, Peter Silvester discussing the project’s approach to cultural heritage management at our sites, and our Reconciliation Action Plan.

August 2022 – Science

This August we are celebrating National Science Week on the 18th of August by covering the topic of science in our latest After Dark Online episode. We will be hearing from two guest speakers, and our first guest speaker will be Cross River Rail Environment and Approvals Advisor, Daniel Day to discuss environmental science and its different applications linked to the Cross River Rail project.