Future Travellers Passport

Hello and thank you for choosing to incorporate one of Queensland’s largest infrastructure projects, Cross River Rail, into your lesson units and participate in the Future Travellers Passport activity.

The Future Travellers Passport is designed for young Virtual Experience Centre visitors to solve and track different challenges to find out what type of future traveller they are.

They will do this by exploring the Experience Centre virtually and learn about the project to complete their Future Travellers Passport activities.

As students work through the activities, they will get a taste for some of the problem-solving techniques and skills that can arise in a large-scale infrastructure project.

After completing the activities, students will gain a better understanding about the types of skills they enjoy and may uncover their future working careers along the way.


To complete this activity you have two options, to use the online booklet and print the activity cards, or to print the booklet and activity cards. You can find both assets below:


There are a few items that will be required to complete the activity. The below listed items are calculated per student:

  • Tablet
  • Pen
  • A4 Sheet of paper

Run Sheet

The recommended run sheet and time allocation for this activity is 1hr and 30mins. However, you can scale this up or down depending on how much time you have available:

  • Introduction to the Project (10 mins): Here you can ask students if they know anything about the project, visit the website and watch the Project Overview video and the Future Travellers Passport Introduction video.
  • Self-Explore (10 mins): This can be time where you allow students to do their own preliminary investigation.
  • Future Travellers Passport Explainer (5 mins): Here you can explain to students the activity they will be participating in how they complete their tasks.
  • Activity Time (50 mins): Allowing roughly 10 minutes to complete each activity. If students are doing this in groups, encourage discussions around problem-solving.
  • Activity Results (10 mins): As students finish their activities ask them to swap their answer cards with their neighbours and go through the answers.
  • Future Traveller Results (5 mins): Once their answer sheets are marked, ask students individually what their favourite activity was to identify what type of traveller they are. Once they know their traveller type, the matrix at the back of the booklet will give them more insight into what types of job they would be best suited to in the future.

Future Traveller Answers

  • TIME TAG 01: Future Traveller: Observer
  • STEP INTO THE FUTURE: Future Traveller: Creator
  • FOLD IT HOLD IT: Future Traveller: Innovator
  • TUNNEL VISION: Future Traveller: Explorer

Remember: If you are travelling to Brisbane for an excursion throughout the year, don’t forget to plan a FREE tour to the Cross River Rail Experience Centre to complement their online learning.